You're Well Covered

Kaiapoi Lodge will provide you with most of your day-to day needs. The nursing team is made up of experienced of Registered Nurses and Certified Health Care Assistants who are on duty around the clock, every day.

Other services in the facility are provided by qualified activities personnel, dietary staff (as needed), administrative support staff and housekeepers.

The list below gives you a picture of what is available to each Kaiapoi lodge resident as part of the standard fee.

  • Personal care on a 24-hour basis, including the administration of medication and assistance with activities of daily living.
  • On-site medical care provided by a local physician of your choice.
  • Supplies, equipment and devices necessary for the provision of medical, nursing and personal care and activities of daily living.
  • Meal service and meals, including three meals daily, snacks between meals and at bedtime, special and therapeutic diets, dietary supplements and assistive devices for self-feeding if required.
  • Social, recreational and physical activities and programs, including the appropriate supplies and equipment.
  • Laundry services, including, machine washing, hand washing, drying of personal clothing and ironing.
  • Bedding and linen including mattresses, pillows, bed linen, wash cloths and towels.
  • Bedroom furnishings including; bed, a bedside table, dresser, and a comfortable easy chair.
  • Cleaning and upkeep of the facility.
  • Equipment for the general use of residents including wheelchairs and geriatric chairs, canes, walkers, toilet aids and other self-help aids for activities of daily living. Other items may be provided at an extra cost to the resident.
  • All other services required under Long-Term Care legislation, like social work and various therapies.


Professional Services Available

Kaiapoi Lodge will also provide or arrange for the provision of other important health care services required by our residents. Included among the professional services available within the facility are:


Physiotherapy is available to residents who have been assessed by their physician as requiring this service.

Foot Care

Regular foot care clinics are arranged at the facility. Foot care services are provided by a Registered Podiatrist. The fee for services will either be covered by the resident’s subsidy or invoiced to the resident.

Dental Services – Dentist

Arrangements may be made for dental visits through the Nurse Manager when necessary. We recommend an annual examination by a dentist for all residents. Arrangements to have dentures made, relined, or adjusted may be made by contacting the Nurse Manager or by contacting a dentist of your choice. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the resident.

Vision Care

An appointment with an optometrist will be arranged for any resident requiring vision care. The cost of these visits is the responsibility of the resident.

Social Worker

The professional services of a social worker are available to all residents at no additional cost.

Medications/Treatments and Pharmacy Services

Medications and/or treatments are prescribed by a physician and are administered by a Registered Nurse or certain certificated care staff. The full price for any medication not covered by the pharmacy will also be added to the resident’s account, a statement of which is mailed out either monthly or three monthly.


Hairdressing, which includes a wide range of hair care services for both men and women, is provided at the facility. Residents may schedule appointments for this on-site service as frequently as they wish.


Care by a registered Audiologist is provided when requested.