Our Staff

When we select staff for our care team we are not just interested in qualifications, we are looking for staff with a compassionate nature whose personality will enrich and enhance the environment.

The team is made up of the following experienced staff...

Registered Nurses

These qualified people coordinate and tailor care to the needs of the individual. Staff want to hear about your decisions, your views and your goals.

Qualified Healthcare Assistance

Together with the nurses these staff are the heart and soul of the operation. These bright, happy compassionate people work around the clock to ensure residents are looked after.

Housekeeping Staff

Full time housekeepers are employed to ensure you’re your environment is clean, safe and comfortable.

Activities Staff

These outgoing individuals offer a quality program that meets the social, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual needs of residents.

Laundry Staff

We like to have each resident up, groomed and dressed every day. This means that an adequate supply of clothing is essential. How does it get washed? General laundry services are provided right here on the premises.


The way they see it meals need to be not only nutritious but also delicious.